software development

Computer programs are the most complex things that humans make.

Writing good software requires skill, knowledge, insight and often good instinct. There are myriad of technologies to choose from, languages to write and algorithms to comprehend.

We offer you our experience. Whether you need desktop application, webservice or mobile app, we can lend you our expertise do develop just what you need, just the way you need it.

it starts with good


Understanding your requirements is a paramount step toward making product you actually want. That's why we take our time to deeply understand what problem you want to solve and how do you want to solve it.

On every step of development process we make sure that your emerging product is exactly what you want it to be.



During development of software there are many turning points. Perhaps there was a better technology discovered, which would better suit your needs. Or perhaps the needs themselves evolved in response to sprouting project.

Whatever is the case, our agile approach to software development allows us to we embrace this change, to adapt to it without loosing momentum.

beautifull and engaging


Frontend is the part of the program you'll see and intract with. Windows, colours, buttons and menus.

Good fronend need to be easy to use, quick to learn, responsive to user interaction. It has to be preety enough to make a good first impression, it's design has to be aligned to user expectations, and it has to have gentle learning curve to engage it's users.

built on efficient


While frontend of program has to be preety, the backend must be efficient. It's the part that actually makes the job done, and it has to make it well, fast, and without wasting resources. While frontend is the turning wheel of a program, backend is it's engine, suspension and brakes.

Both of them must be of great quality, as neither is worth much without the other.

state of the art


Code is the expression of your software in means that both computer and programmer understands. While you will not likely see it directly, it's quality will greatly impact your experience.

The better the code, the easier - and cheaper - we can add new ideas, change functions and support your program. Good coding style helps to find bugs before they happen and speeds up whole process.

deep insight into

inner workings

While knowledge which technology to use is important, it is equaly important to understand inner workings of choosen technology stack. It allows us to leverage it's pros and avoid their cons.

And most importantly, it allows us to pick right tools for the job.



Software we develop undergoes rigorous testing regiment. Every line of code is tested repeadly thousands of times. Every change is checked to ensure that it has no ill effect.

Product undergoes both unit and functional testing, and our coverage is near 100% to make sure it behaves exactly as you want it to, under every condition.

finelly tuned

technology stack

We have accumulated experience with vast ammount of proven technologies, while keeping close look at emerging, bleeding-edge tech. This allows us to pick a right tool to every job. We are currently developing software with:

Node.js PHP GO Java MySQL CouchBase ElasticSearch AngularJS Cordova Ionic Electon Docker GIT

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To get detailed quoute on your project, contact us at quotes@kodera.pl, providing brief project description.